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Vendor Spotlight: E. Leigh Photography

19 Mar

Matt and Erin of E. Leigh Photography do not consider themselves as ordinary wedding photographers, they consider themselves as “awesomer.”  They are a married couple who love their cameras as much as they love each other. New York City is their home base but they also spend quite a lot of time in Philadelphia as well. In addition to shooting in NYC & Philadelphia, they are more than happy to go and shoot photography around the world for their couples. They do not shoot more than one couple per day or weekend. They are committed to making your photos look their very best. In addition to weddings they also do engagement photos and crazy photo booths pictures! They take thousands of photos and within 6 weeks you will be able to review them on your proofing site. Check out their blog to see all the beautiful photos they’ve taken. Give them a call or email them, they’re waiting to hear from you! E. Leigh Photography is guaranteed to capture all the beautiful moments of your big day!


Something Blue: Signature Drinks

16 Mar

If you would rather incorporate your Something Blue into your reception instead of your attire, blue signature drinks are an awesome way to do this. Not only are they super fun and pretty, but they will add that little extra something special to your reception! There are different variations of blue drinks that already exist. Most bartenders know how to make these but if you want something all your own, talk to your bartender or venue about creating a drink that reflects your taste. If you are scared to try new things, adding blueberries to champagne is a simple way to make a blue drink.

Vendor Spotlight: Ice Sculpture Designs

12 Mar

Always dreamed of an ice sculpture at big day? Well if you have, Ice Sculpture Designs is the vendor for you! Ice Sculpture Designs is the oldest and most prestigious ice sculpting company in New York. They offer thousands of cutting-edge designs and work with a wide range of budgets. They can create anything from simple centerpieces to elaborate custom sculptures. Not only do they make centerpieces and sculptures but they also make custom ice bars and ice luges and many many more custom pieces.  Some of New York’s biggest companies are their clients and they are ready to work with you! Give Ice Sculpture Designs a call and get that ice sculpture that you’ve always dreamed of!

Sweetest Thing: Made In Heaven Cakes

8 Mar

One of the most vital parts of anyone’s wedding is the cake. Therefore,  having trust in your baker in crucial.  Made in Heaven Cakes, in Brooklyn, is the place for you! This family owned bake shop has been in business for the past 15 years and caters your every specialty cake design need. The owners, Victor and Lisa, sit with you and some of their family member who have graduated from art school and will create the most elegant dessert for your wedding. Take a look below at some of our favorite cakes and click HERE to find more!

Bridal Gown Trend: Blush Wedding Dresses

28 Feb

Wearing a dress that was not white or ivory was, until recent years, considered a strange move.  Over the past couple of years we began to see bits of colors popping up, but a whole dress in a color other than white or ivory was still very unconventional. This all changed this year, dresses in blush and pink began to appear in quite a few bridal fashion shows. You might say that this change might have something to do with the blush Monique Lhuillier dress Reese Witherspoon wore at her March 2011 wedding. Whatever brought about this change in bridal fashion we hope its here to stay!

Captured Moment for a Lifetime!

13 Feb

It’s a gorgeous day outside, the sun is shining and everyone is waiting to see you walk down the isle.  Smiles and tears of joy is all  you see as you look around. You want to hold onto  this special moment forever. But there’s something missing.

Couple on the beach

Wedding in NYC

-A great photographer

Reflecting the stories of people through her delicate and candid pictures is what Ananda Lima is  known for. Coming from Brazil –  a tropical and exotic country,  as well as having spent her college years in Australia she  captures vibrant colors  &  emotions of the moment.  Paying close attention to precious moments has become Ananda’s vision and artwork. Her client’s reviews describe a once-in-a-lifetime moment that they were able to share with her as she grasps the beauty of both worlds coming together to form one.

Whether it be an engagement or a  wedding ceremony, Ananda Lima has found the special ingredient to enhance your special day- photography is a labor of love.

Moments of Joy