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Something Blue: Shawl

23 Mar

Are you looking for a unique simple way to incorporate your “something blue” into your wedding? If you’re having a fall or winter wedding you may want to consider wearing a blue shawl. You can wear it when going to and from ceremony and reception and it is easily removed for photos.  It’s a simple way to add a bit of blue to your day.


Something Blue: Brooch

9 Mar

Looking for a way to incorporate something blue into your wedding and  spice up your white gown at the same time? Food Matters has found some great brooches for you! You can place them on your dress, on the side of your flower bouquet, or even turn them into a hair piece. Any way you choose is sure to look beautiful on your big day.

Our first choice is a vintage, costume blue sapphire brooch from Sparklz.com. This small brooch gives you that little extra special touch.

If you want just the littlest hint of blue this brooch from OWD Jewelry gives you exactly what you’re looking for! This antiqued brooch with a small blue center stone is great against any white dress.

Want something blue, but in a light shade? Swarovski Crystal makes a beautiful aqua crystal brooch that is a perfect light color!

Something Blue: I Do!

2 Mar

Can’t seem to think of the perfect way to incorporate something blue into your wedding? Well, rhinestone I Do in blue on the bottom of your wedding shoe! Esty.com created a rhinestone sticker in the words “I Do” to place on the bottom of your wedding shoe to add the perfect touch!

Also, if you’re a bride on a budget you could always do it yourself! This bride at The Bridal Tees put her initials on the bottom of her beautiful shoes! Take a look!

Bridal Gown Trend: Blush Wedding Dresses

28 Feb

Wearing a dress that was not white or ivory was, until recent years, considered a strange move.  Over the past couple of years we began to see bits of colors popping up, but a whole dress in a color other than white or ivory was still very unconventional. This all changed this year, dresses in blush and pink began to appear in quite a few bridal fashion shows. You might say that this change might have something to do with the blush Monique Lhuillier dress Reese Witherspoon wore at her March 2011 wedding. Whatever brought about this change in bridal fashion we hope its here to stay!

Something Blue: Blue Nails!

17 Feb

Most brides stick to the traditional light pink or french manicure colors on their wedding day but if you’re looking for something fun and unique to do as the something blue on your big day, then blue nails are for you! Blue nail polish will provide you with a great photo op and it will draw more attention to your hands and your shiny new wedding band! Two of our favorite colors are Barbados Blue by essie & Yoga-ta Get This Blue! by OPI but there are many shades of blue to chose from.

If you do not want to be too extreme go with a lighter blue but if you want to go all out –  a sparkly dark blue like the one  above is the way to go! Experiment with colors before your wedding.   If you think the blue is too much for your nails then consider it as an option for your toes. Whatever you decide have fun!

Something Blue: Shoes

3 Feb

Nothing says something blue better than Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous blue Manolo Blahnik shoes from the Sex and the City Movie! These blue satin shoes has a crystal embellishment on that front that adds a touch of glam to a solid shoe. Manolo Blanhnik’s “Hangis” jeweled pump is available for $945 at Nordstrom Department Stores.

Something Blue: Earrings

20 Jan

Our favorite way to showcase “something blue”  at a Wedding in New York City?  Blue bling.  The simplest touch of gemstones on your ears adds elegance and the something blue you need as a New York Bride!

Simple sparkle by TheJewelStore.com – Love them!

These are stunning enough for the red carpet.  Channel your inner Hollywood Goddess and rock these on your big day.  Snag them here at Overstock.com