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Sweetest Thing: Sweet Avenue Bake Shop!

27 Mar

Hey Ladies!

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop might have that extra, little detail that you were looking for to top off your event-Vegan,Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Some Gluten-Free & Soy-Free baked GOODIES!!

Apart from having hand-perfection sweet treats, they always use luxurious ingredients like pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla and imported European chocolate!

What are you waiting for? Go and enjoy a cupcake of a masterpiece! ❤


New Menu Item!

6 Jan

As a boutique caterer for more than 20 years in Manhattan we are constantly refreshing our menus.  Whether it is customizing an hors d’oeuvre for a specific client or forming a new item based on industry trends, we are always creating.

At our fall and winter events, we successfully introduced our mini lobster roll on brioche.  Guests raved about our addition and asked our staff over and over for the recipe.  Here is a photo of this delectable treat.  Yum!